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In the wake of the economic crisis, investors emphasize capital preservation, low correlation and protection against inflation. Concurrently, investors must navigate a shifting global landscape creating new uncertainties. Population growth and expanding consumer markets are putting pressure on natural resources. Water, energy, and productive soil are increasingly scarce goods. Undisputed climate change will massively impact societies and economies alike.
Increasingly scarce real assets such as farmland produce valuable soft commodities for human nutrition, and are smart choices for investments in hard assets.

This brings about a number of challenges:

  • Which commodities and geographies to target, avoid, and why?
  • How to design and execute a coherent investment strategy, rather than purchase isolated patches of farmland?
  • What solution fully reflects an investor's preferences for risk and return, degree of involvement in the investment process, and structuring?
  • How to attract and retain leading know-how, the most qualified managers and local operators?
  • How to capitalize on sectors with high investor entry barriers and poor information?
  • How to steer through the complexity of political transitions and natural risk and still achieve top quartile returns?
We meet these challenges with our specialization, dedication, and a thorough skillset to scrutinize investment propositions.

About EBG Capital

We are a agricultural investment advisory boutique with global reach and a proven track record providing specialist advice and attractive investment opportunities to our clients. EBG Capital provides advice to Family Offices, wealth managers and SRI investors, on responsible investments in primary agriculture.

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