Current Projects

The following projects were carefully selected by EBG Capital. For more details or specialist advice on other agricultural investments, please contact us.

Dairy FarmTasmania, Australia

  • Up and running farm, cash flow positive from year one
  • c. 300ha of fertile soil, 70% under pivot irrigation, 1'100 mm natural rainfall
  • 50 bale rotary dairy milk shed, 850 cows

Sheep FarmVictoria, Australia

  • Outstanding sheep farm, c. 2'000ha
  • Buy and lease, no operational risk
  • Operator is experienced sheep farm family

Arable Farm400km west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

  • Buy and lease, no operational risk
  • 2'500ha arable farm
  • Good soil, 615mm of rainfall, good production record

Organic Olive OrchardAlentejo, Portugal

  • Buy and lease, no operational risk
  • 106ha of existing olive orchards (10 years old, high-density production system, fully irrigated)
  • Operator has 30 years track record
  • Organic certification according to Demeter label (highest organic standard)
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Executed Transactions & Mandates

Sourcing of several direct investment opportunities; advised on several transactions with single family offices

Successful lead of Swiss family offices on investments in Australian dairy farms

Due diligence on 25+ agricultural investments globally

Lead investment in organic permanent crop fund

Sourcing, development and structuring of investment opportunity in the Cacao sector in Guatemala

Led restructuring project for 130,000 ha of farmland (11 farms) in Brazil