Events & Publications

EBG Capital AG is a Bronze Sponsor at the forthcoming Global Agriculture Investment Conference. Geneva, 19-21 September 2011

Bernd Schanzenbächer contributed book chapter on “land-based investments” in NZZ publication entitled: “Sustainable investments for institutional investors”. Book is German, English version will follow next year. June 2011.

Co-organized conference for institutional investors on responsible investments in the agricultural sector. Geneva, June 2011

Bernd Schanzenbecher speaks at the JetFin Agro Conference, Geneva and Zurich, June 2011

Bernd Schanzenbächer organized and chaired panels on the sustainability issues of land-based investments for the World Bank′s Land Conference. Washington, April 2011

Bernd Schanzenbächer in Reuters about investing in African agriculture. March 2011

Schweizerische Handelszeitung's article on timber investments with Ralph Kretschmer, Zurich 2009

Ralph Kretschmer speaks at the SGS Forest Conference on "Investments in Sustainable Timber", Zurich 2009

NZZ online interviews Ralph Kretschmer on Copenhagen and Timberland Investments, Zurich 2009

Bernd Schanzenbächer speaks at the ICTSD Bridges China Dialogue on "Risks and Opportunities for Cleantech Private Equity Investments in China", Geneva 2009

Bernd Schanzenbächer speaks at the Sypmposium on "Large-Scale Investment in Agriculture and Land - Opportunity and Risk for Food Security," Bern 2009

Bernd Schanzenbächer speaks at the Indevor/Energy Annual Conference held at INSEAD′s Europe campus, Fontainebleau 2009

Diana Glassman speaks at Agriculture 2.0, New York 2009

Diana Glassman speaks at the Voluntary Carbon Markets “Biodiversity & Ecosystem Finance Seminar,” New York 2009

Bernd Schanzenbächer′s interview in INSEAD Knowledge about environmental markets, Fontainebleau 2009

Ralph Kretschmer′s article in Ernst & Young′s magazine “Insight for Executives in Financial Services” 2008

Bernd Schanzenbächer speaks at the Sustainability Forum on “Farmland Investments,” Zurich 2008

Ralph Kretschmer speaks at SECA - Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association – on “Cleantech Opportunities,” Zurich 2008

Ralph Kretschmer speaks at the Sustainability Forum on “Financing for Climate: Innovative Solutions and New Markets,” Zurich 2008

Diana Glassman speaks at Cleantech Forum XVII on “Conversation with Institutional Investors,” Brussels 2008

Bernd Schanzenbächer′s interview in Credit Suisse Bulletin, Zurich 2008

Diana Glassman in The Economist “From Geeks to Greens” 2008

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We are a agricultural investment advisory boutique with global reach and a proven track record providing specialist advice and attractive investment opportunities to our clients. EBG Capital provides advice to Family Offices, wealth managers and SRI investors, on responsible investments in primary agriculture.

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