EBG Capital AG

Attractive Offering

EBG Capital has an opinion on investing in agriculture. We guide institutions and high net worth families in building, managing and growing their investments in agriculture.
We develop proposals that meet our clients’ preferences for risk and return, themes and strategies, structures, and level of involvement in the investment process. Services include:

  • Investment due diligence, including fund, company and project evaluation, assessment of political and reputational risk, financial modelling and analysis, industry analysis and market feasibility study
  • Investment opportunity idea generation, identification, and deal origination
  • Sector-specific advisory services for dedicated investment funds and asset managers
  • Relationship-building with local operational partners, industry experts and service providers
  • Bespoke research on relevant agricultural themes and trends.

About EBG Capital

We are a agricultural investment advisory boutique with global reach and a proven track record providing specialist advice and attractive investment opportunities to our clients. EBG Capital provides advice to Family Offices, wealth managers and SRI investors, on responsible investments in primary agriculture.

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